How The Process Works:

1. Sample:
Join the growing industry of haircare and skincare by launching your own line as smoothly as possible by teaming up with our private label and manufacturing company. Try each of our full size professional quality hair care or skin care products. We have professional formulations for you to sample on yourself or customers.
Right now we are offering 60+ formulations for you to choose from, ranging from men's grooming, body, skin, and hair care. Each made with high quality ingredients including natural, and naturally derived ingredients.
We offer a comprehensive selection of packaging variations & fragrance options for you to customize your products to align with your brand!
2. Select Your Package and Design:
Oncw you have purchased and sampled your items, now is the time to Focus on your message and the details of your PRODUCT LINE!
Purchase your own products that best fits your needs.  This is the time in which you should consider all aspects such as colors, brand colors, target audience, and more.
How many of each will you want to order for your first run?  What size would you like to offer each product in? What packaging will I need my products in. These details will all need to be decided by you in order for us to produce your products.
You will have the option to have a consultation with us before purchasing so that we can offer guidance and advice for you upon purchasing. We will walk with you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need.
Once you’ve decided on the details and purchased your package, its time for the labels. Your labels will end up being one of the most important details of your final product. Those who chosen to work with us for label design and printing, will have the opportunity to meet via zoom, or by phone with our label design team to ensure you have quality labels for your products.
This team is a third party company that works closely with us.  We will forward over the dimensions of your bottles and from there you can design and have your labels printed.
Those who have labels already or chose to work on your own labels we can provide you the templates and details you need to work with your own team to make sure your labels are set up for success.
These are two companies not affiliated with each other yet they are both working with us to ensure you have quality labels.
 3. Receive and Retail:
Receive your shipment of private label products, merchandise your line, and launch your new product brand.


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